hilcryhme-shunkashuto(four seasons)

aku suka lagu ni..hope u guyz enjoy it...
ni translation nye keyh..

We go out together to see colorful beauty scenery from season to season
by car, train, ship or plane, and spend lovely time to plan them on Sunday.
In the spring, we can go and see the cherry blossoms, and drink the toast under the
cherry trees in full bloom.
Endless peach color over our heads is like a fantasy.
In the summer, we can have a barbecue in the blazing sun.
And in the evening, fireworks are set off from somewhere.
In the autumn, colored mountains grab our eyes.
In the winter, snow changes their color to white.
I want to be with you always during every season.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter.
*In next spring, where shall we go?
In next summer, where shall we go?
Cherry blossoms in the spring and the summer sea,
I want to see with you, I want to be with you.
In next autumn, where shall we go?
In next winter, where shall we go?
Autumn leaves and the snow in the winter,
I want to see with you, I want to be with you.
There are lots of memories of us.
They flash across my mind when I look out the window.
Sometimes we have quarrel, scars from it are also precious memory
and the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
My affection for you gets deeper as the months go by.
“Please be in my side forever”
Now, we make vows, I never forget, and I will remember
when I hear the song of cicadas.
I caused lots of anxieties and made you cry
I’m sorry.
How long time passed since then?
We cried our eyes out together before dawn that morning
The church bells ring as if it wraps every scar and tear.
We can share pleasure and divide sorrow.
We commit ourselves to do so.
And shall we go and look for beautiful scenery.
Let’s find the scenery only for us
Spring, summer, autumn and winter.
* repeat
Of course, we can sometimes mile away at home.
We can wrap ourselves together in a blanket and spend time
playfully until we are satisfied.
When we are satisfied, we can plan to go out again.
Where shall we go today? Look, the blue sky goes on beyond a hill.
New car navigation system led us go out everywhere and
could visit lots of places.
When our child are born someday, I should bring them the place
where we made vows, and celebrated our love at the end of that summer.

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trimas..coz sudi lawat blog aku yang xseberapa ny...aku cuma..luahkan apa
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